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Commercial Electrical Repair and Service

At JAK Air and Electric, we are committed to providing you with a professional service and the highest quality in all types of commercial electrical service and repair work with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. All of our electricians are uniformed, have passed background checks and are drug free. They are highly trained electricians with years of experience and continuing education. We arrive at your house with a fully stocked truck to complete most any service. JAK electrical services installs and repairs almost anything that is electrical.

Additional Outlets

Whether you’re just trying to get rid of those ugly extension cords or you need a new outlet for a washer or dryer, JAK electric services has the solution for you.  We have built our business around quality work and great customer service. JAK Services can run wiring and install new power outlets for just about any application:

Panel Upgrades

Upgrading your electrical panel may be a necessary improvement for the safety of your business and proper function of your appliances and fixtures. A panel upgrade requires the expertise of a licensed electrician and should not be undertaken without the proper skills, tools, and precautions.

Improving your electrical panel can provide more a consistent power supply throughout your home, resolving problems like flickering lights and frequent breaker trips or blown fuses. Upgrades can also allow for future expansion of your electrical system, or for the addition of a just few needed outlets. Overheating or unusual sounds emitted from your electrical panel may indicate potential fire hazards; updating the panel can resolve dangerous issues and improve the safety of your home.

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Commercial Electrical Service

Commercial Electrical Features

  • Wiring for office automation
  • Wiring for phone/cable
  • Wiring for Office Security Systems
  • Electric Gates
  • Back-up power generators
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Additional Outlets
  • Panel Upgrades

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