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Heating Tune Up – Preventative Furnace Maintenance

Preventative Furnace Maintenance

We will do all of the following to make sure your heating system is running properly and will keep you warm during the Winter! Below is a list of the services we will provide to you during a Heating Tune Up:

  1. Replace standard filter or wash air cleaner
  2. Inspect and adjust all belts and pulleys
  3. Inspect heat exchanger, flue assemblies, burners & draft diverters in season (as necessary)
  4. Electronically test for poisonous, deadly carbon monoxide gas
  5. Test and check operating temperatures
  6. Clean pilot assembly and test flame
  7. Test for gas leaks at furnace connections
  8. Verify all safeties are functioning properly
  9. Measure blower capacitor
  10. Measure and verify inducer is functioning properly
  11. Inspect and verify that all electric heat strips are functioning
  12. Verify that hazardous gases are properly exiting the home

Should you have any questions regarding our heating tune up service/preventative maintenance, please give us a call at (817)-313-4985!

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