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Air Filter Replacement

HVAC Air Filter Replacement - Why it's Important

Air filters don’t just filter out pollen and dust, they also provide a first line of defense against larger objects! Objects such as bits of loose insulation, which could possibly present a fire risk. Clogged air filters are one of the main causes of HVAC system failure. As the air filter catches more and more of the natural particulate pollution of your home (dust, mold, fungal spores, pet dander, fabric fibers, etc.), the fine mesh through which air passes becomes denser. Meaning, if you don’t change your air filter regularly, air can’t pass through as readily.

Consequences of a Dirty Air Filter

  • The blower fan in the HVAC system has to work harder to push air. Consequently, it’s using more energy ultimately resulting in a higher utility bill.
  • Living areas may not receive full air flow potential. This will result in poor home comfort. 
  • The additional material on the air filter can provide space for moisture to accumulate. Moreover, encouraging the growth of mold or bacteria. If mold accumulates on the wrong side of the air filter, the can begin to give off pollutants and allergens into the indoor air flow. 

When to Change Your Air Filter

It’s best to change your air filter every month or two – especially if you have pets, or live in a high pollen count area. Changing your filter is a simple task that doesn’t require a professional. Simply slide the old filter out, and slide the new one in. Check your unit’s documentation to determine what size of filter you need, and what minimum efficiency report value (MERV) range the furnace should fall into.

To learn more about how to change your air filter, give us a call at 817-313-4985! We’re always happy to help our wonderful customers meet their home comfort goals!

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Filter Fetch Air Filter Replacement

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