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10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Furnace Checked

Is furnace maintenance really necessary? Absolutely! But, why? Here are 10 reasons as to why heating tune ups are absolutely critical for your furnace and the safety of your home:

Your Safety:

To begin with, an annual furnace tune up helps you and your family remain safe. The furnace produces the heat in your home. Moreover, heating units are ran by fossil fuels such as propane, oil, or natural gases. If a small crack or defect in the design occurs, there will be a higher chance of harmful emissions.

Saves Money and Energy:

Clean systems are able to use the energy they consume more efficiently. Consequently, less energy is wasted with each cycle, and your energy bill will begin to shrink!

Increases Your Comfort:

Dust and dirt make it more difficult for your air conditioner to remove excess moisture and heat from the air and your comfort suffers. Don’t let this be a barrier to your total home comfort!

Prevent Breakdowns:

During the winter months, your furnace works hard to keep up with the demand of warming your home. As the furnace runs continually, there are more chances for a system failure. One of the leading causes for system failure is the buildup of dirt and dust. Hence, if you schedule a yearly furnace tune up, the chance of buildup decreases.

Increase the Lifespan of Your System:

When your furnace can run in an efficient manner, the system will last longer. You want your heating unit to run in efficient capacity for as long as possible. Replacing an entire heating and cooling unit due to improper furnace maintenance is a very costly expense.

Keeps Your Warranty Valid:

With some heating and cooling systems, the only way for the warranty or extended warranty to remain valid is by having an annually furnace tune up. You do not want to lose your warranty coverage from lack of furnace maintenance. Therefore, Maintenance Agreements can help you save on higher expenses in the future.

Allows for Proper Airflow:

A furnace tune up can ensure you are getting proper airflow throughout the unit. The venting system is critical for efficiently distributing heat throughout your household. If you are experiencing minimal airflow, you system will have to run harder to maintain the desired temperature.

Filter Checks:

Checking filters more than once a year is ideal. During a furnace tune up, air filters can be checked and replaced. Clean filters keep your system free of dirt, dust, and allergens. As a result, the process helps keep your furnace running in an efficient manner while keeping possible harmful particles from entering into your household.

Blower Maintenance:

The furnace tune up should include blower maintenance. Checking the seal will ensure the blower access door is properly sealed. The blower helps keep the heat flowing properly. If any type of debris has gotten into the blower wheel, the unit will need to be cleaned to ensure proper efficiency. The smallest amount of debris can cause the blower to break down leading to higher furnace maintenance costs.

Peace of Mind:

Lastly, PEACE OF MIND. A furnace tune up may seem like an unnecessary expense. Truthfully, annual furnace maintenance can keep your HVAC system running in an efficient manner saving you from costly repairs and system failure. In addition, annual furnace tune ups will save you in other ways, from lower utility bills to a healthier living environment.

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AC Repair

What No One Tells You About Humidity Inside Your Home…

The Magic of Air Conditioning

Did you know that one of the most important aspects of air conditioning in the North Texas area, is the removal of humidity from your home? A properly sized air conditioner keeps you comfortable not only with cooling. But, also keeps you comfortable by drying the air. This is done through a simple process of condensing the moisture that is in your home. This means that the proper Air Conditioning system keeps your home cooler. But with more efficiency, and using less electricity. Living in an area where the humidity is higher than normal, it’s important to have an Air Conditioning system that is right for the job.

Most modern day Air Systems do have the ability of removing the humidity inside your home. If you come home, and the temperature on the thermostat is where you set it, but you still uncomfortable then the likely culprit is too much humidity.

Getting Rid of Humidity

In your home, you want to get rid of humidity. A common mistake that is made is that people believe that the bigger the air conditioning system, the better. A system that is oversized will leave you uncomfortable and likely to face a mildew problem in your home. The air conditioning system in your home needs to have enough power to allow great airflow.

A great indication that the humidity in your home is high is how long it takes for dish and bath towels to dry. When you leave a towel overnight, it’s dry by morning. But, when you leave them out over night and they are still not dry. It’s very likely that the humidity in your home is too high.

Being comfortable in your home is important, especially in Texas. “Summer” stays for longer than just three months. JAK Services in Keller, Texas can help you properly size and install the right Air Conditioning system for you. Giving you years of comfortable, and consistent cooling and heating.

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HVAC System

The Three C’s to Maintaining a Great HVAC System

When you become a homeowner, sometimes there is blurred lines regarding your home. They don’t really tell you that you need to maintain your HVAC system. Among all the questions we get, the question that we receive from our clients often is, “do you really need to have your HVAC system cleaned?” That being said, we’d like to share with you the 3 C’s to maintaining a great HVAC System and how these 3 simple tips can help you save your money and time.

1. Changing Air Filters.

We cannot express how important it is to change your air filter on time. When you should change your air filter also depends on what type of air filter you purchase. Some are meant to be replaced monthly, and some are everywhere months. If the air filter is not changed on time, it can effect the quality of air that is being produced indoors. If you have kids or pets, this subject is even more delicate. Dust can build up this can cause a lot of contamination. This can cause some very serious issues with your lungs and allergies.

2. Cleaning HVAC System.

Cleaning is another important part. When you keep a clean HVAC system, you are saving money. Your air conditioner doesn’t have to work twice as hard to keep the desired temperature in your home. When it is not clean, more and more energy is used. This leads to the cost of your bill being higher. It also leads to your HVAC system having a shorter life than expected.

3. Conditioning.

Living in the state of Texas, air conditioners save lives. With a clean HVAC system, you are able to use your air conditioner to its’ maximum potential. A great tip we recommend is whenever you are going to wash and dry clothes or use the oven, leave it for when the temperature is cooler outside. Maybe in the morning when it’s cool or even in the evening. This allows for your air conditioner to not work as hard to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature.

At JAK Services in Keller, Texas, it’s not only important for us to help you, but, it’s also important for us to help the environment.

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3 Ways to Stay Cool Indoors without Breaking the Bank

Although Summer is coming to an end, the hot temperatures will be sticking around. Nothing like that Texas heat! A struggle that we all face is how to stay cool without our electric bill being a little higher than normal. We understand the importance of saving money. We offer many services that help you save more money. Regular Maintenance check ups are something that we believe in. We offer this service because we know that a dirty air conditioner could higher the cost of your electricity bill by 50%. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that we can stay cool without breaking the bank.

1. Fans Help to Stay Cool…

Who knew that fans would become your number one supporter in staying cool… Ceiling fans help the airflow circulate better around your home, making it feel colder than what the temperature shows. You may also use a portable fan for the rooms that do not have a ceiling fan! In the winter, ceiling fans help push the hot air down. Making it comfortable in your home. But, you will be hearing more about that tip in a later post.

2. Keep the Air Filter Clean…

Always, always, always change the air filter on time. It makes a huge difference in your A/C system. Dirty air filters can become a hazard. If you have children or pets, it is important that you do have a clean air filter. Dirty air filters also make the A/C do double the work than it needs to. When the filter is not changed, the air flow is reduced, causing the A/C to work twice as harder than usual. Changing the air filter is something that takes a few minutes to change. If you ever need help, give us a call.

3. Set A/C to “Auto”…

Setting your A/C system to Auto makes a big difference in your electric bill. When you leave your Air Conditioning system on “cool” or “on” it increases the cost, making your electric bill higher than normal. While you are not home, this setting helps regulate the temperature for your A/C  to not overwork while you are not home.

With these tips, you’ll not only be able to save money but stay cool!

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Trustworthy AC Repair

AC Repair Info You Must Know In DFW

The Difference Between Selling and Serving

I know a lot about a few things and a few things about a lot of things. When I’m getting work done, the less I know, the more I wonder… Am I being “sold” or am I being “served”? When your AC Repair Tech tells you something, you shouldn’t have to wonder.

When I get my oil changed, and the mechanic tells me I also need to replace all the belts in my engine, how do I know that’s true? Most of the time, what your technician tells you is probably the honest truth, here are a few questions you can ask to make sure.

AC Repair Questions for your Assurance

1. A good “salesman” knows how to explain things in such a way that they seem better, when sometimes it isn’t. If you ask them, “Isn’t a bigger system going to do a better job?” A salesman will see this as an opportunity to up-sell. A servant will adamantly tell you the truthful answer. No! A bigger more powerful system can actually do worse than a smaller system.

An oversized system will cool the air too fast not allowing time for the air to dehumidify. Your air temperature will be cooler but feel warmer due to humidity and will promote mold growth in your system. An expert tech knows how to get you the perfect custom fit based on serving the needs for your space, not selling you a more expensive service to make more money. 

2. If your technician tells you that you need a completely new system, he could be right. But that is a big expense to accept without at least an explanation and perhaps even a second opinion. Ask each technician to analyze their recommendation. “What are the pros and cons of repairing or improving my old unit vs. replacing with a new unit?”

Know The Difference

This is a true story that shows the difference between a salesman and servant.  A young married couple’s AC unit stopped working. A tech came out and said his unit was so messed up, it would be cheaper to just replace it. He called another company for a second opinion, and the tech took one look at it, picked up a fuse that had wiggled loose and fallen out, pushed it back in, turned around and said, “Fixed.” with a smile. Then he popped in a few securing screws and adjusted the fan to decrease the vibrations. The unit ran quieter and more efficiently all in literally 10 minutes. To top it off, he said, “You have a top of the line AC.”

This tech served instead of sold and talked the couple through an analysis that laid out the pros and cons between replacing, repairing and improving the existing unit. A good AC repair tech and a good servant does that for every customer. 

There are a lot of good techs out there, unfortunately it just takes one or two to sour the experience for the rest. I hope this helps you navigate through the facts and to make the best choice possible!

JAK Testimonial

P.S. How do I know this story is true? It happened to the writer of this article!

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